missions we support

Sunrise Intl. Ministries
Peter and Wendy Thomson  www.thomsontimes.com  email: family@thomsontimes.com
Sanda, Hyogo, Japan – a church planting and teaching ministry in Japan where there is one Christian church for every 16,500 people.

Beacon of Light
Ms. Fran Tracy    franBeacon@sbcglobal.net    www.great2wait.com  
Southern California – instructing middle- and high-school students in sexual abstinence.

Bruchim Haba'im     
Jerusalem, Israel – an educational and evangelical ministry to the Gypsy community, Russian immigrants and university students.

FMI Inc.
Pastor Nabeel      Pastor Hanif
Happiness Foundation
Joan & Ronnie Brock    ronnie@hfecuador.org  www.hfecuador.org    Quito, Ecuador - an orphanage and school ministering to abandoned and impoverished children.

LivingWell Medical Clinic
Geeta Swamidass    www.living-well.org    doctorgeeta@yahoo.com
Southern California – crisis pregnancy centers in Orange and Pasadena whose goal is to minister to pregnant women in crisis and lead them to Christ.
The Prayer Center
Southern California – "Bringing a ray of hope to the community". Theirs is an urban church with a desire for and commitment to community service.


Wycliffe Bible Translators www.wycliffe.org

Cathy Krekel    cathy_krekel@wycliff.org
Chicago, IL – Ethnic Recruitment Coordinator. To inform and involve a wider, more ethnically diverse audience in the ministry of Bible translation.

George & Wendy Payton
george_payton@sil.org  Tanzania, Africa – linguistic specialists.

Mark and Estella Trostle
mark_trostle@sil.org    serving with Papua New Guinea  Bible translation Association

Young Life
Huntington Beach, CA-Young Life brings the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of adolescents.